What People are Saying:
I have one word for this [critique]: "BRILLIANT!"  Thank you, thank you so very much for doing this. You have helped me more than all the books I've read and all the classes, workshops, and seminars I've attended. NO kidding! While I've had other critiques, none have been this clear, concise, and helpful. 

-   - writer, Susan Mathis

  • Outline ($100) – submit a 3-5 page outline of your novel plan before you begin writing, along with a paragraph about the genre and summary of your story (similar to what you would see on the back cover of a published novel). Novel Renaissance will provide a three page report. We’ll give you input on what works in the structure of your novel, and what needs work.
  • Synopsis ($100) – after you’ve finished your novel, submit a three page single-spaced synopsis. You’ll receive a three-page report on how to sharpen the synopsis for agents and editors.
  • First three chapters (maximum fifty pages) ($250) – submit the first three chapters of your manuscript and receive a three page report on what’s working well and what would strengthen the writing.
  • Proposal ($300) – Submit the three paged synopsis together with the first three chapters (up to fifty pages). You will receive a five page report from Novel Renaissance on what is working well and what would strengthen the package.
  • Genesis Entry ($99) - Submit your entry  for the ACFW Genesis contest, and we will return our comments to you, based on the judging criteria, to help you sharpen your entry.
  • Novel Review ($.009 per word) – We believe that you will get what you need from the above critiques, as well as from working with your own critique groups. However, if you feel that you need additional input, Novel Renaissance will read your entire manuscript (up to 110,000 words) and will provide a seven page review.
If you would like to use our critique services or have questions, please use the contact form below, and we'll get back in touch with you. 

*Note: critiques provide a big picture look at your writing, not redlines or line editing.

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